Sofia Sanoh for Factice Magazine - Winter Issue 2016

I’m sharing with you my most recent editorial for Factice Magazine’s final issue of the year, their Winter 2016 issue. My stylist Sarah and I had this amazing idea to do a Fall/Winter inspired editorial with fun layering and textures, mixing it in with a little Euro-grunge. Let me tell you, when you find a stylist that just understands you and just knows what you’re thinking when you’re just throwing ideas at them, it’s like the best thing ever. That also goes with just having the right team who has the same perspective as you. 

With that being said, I wanted to capture and emphasize on a few things:  textures, layering, and unique silhouettes while having the model, Sofia, do relaxed poses and nothing too crazy. I also wanted to give the story more of an urban vibe, so with our location we decided on a this local area in the outskirts of Downtown LA. It’s always good to scout for a location that goes along with your story. Luckily, I was already familiar with the area so I didn’t have much scouting to do.

Always remember when working on location, it’s going to be a race against the clock. Always keep in mind the time and be quick to get your shot. If you know that you got the shot you’re looking for, be sure to move along immediately and continue the shoot to capture all the looks you’ve planned out. (You’ll never know how soon and how drastically the lighting can change). When working on location you also have to remember that there’s possibilities of being stopped if you don’t have a permit. Also, since you’re working in public and not on a closed set, there’s the chance of an audience – don’t be afraid to do what you have to do get the shot. There are a lot options that you have while shooting on location, so be aware of your surroundings! Location shoots are a definitely a learning experience because sunlight has a mind of it’s own and you’ll have to learn to work with it!

Take a peep of my editorial, you can find the full shoot below:

Check out the full editorial here:


Photographer: Randy Tran
Stylist: Sarah Kinsumba

Make Up: Jadyn Ngo using Glossier
Hair: Victor Mendoza
Model: Sofia Sanoh @ Photogenics LA

Photo Equipment: 
Canon 5D Mark II
• 85mm F/1.8 

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