4 Things I Do To Keep My Work Fresh & New

There’s so many ways to bring your photography skills to a new level. Whether you are incorporating props or just shooting through a prism, you can change the look of your photos in different ways.

Creating photos that are memorable and breath taking can be hard sometimes, but there are a few things you could do to enhance your skills and make it fun!

Here are some examples of things I do to keep my work fresh:

1. Shooting through a Piece Of Glass, Mirrors, and Prisms
I always have my prism and piece of glass ready for shoots. I like to bring these items along with me while shooting because they’re handy when you need a new perspective on your shoot. You can add a real hazy effect to your photos, or even distort it to give it an entirely new perspective. At times I’ll bring a mirror to shoot to create some fun duplicating effect as well. All these items can give your shoot that extra goodness and creativity. 

2. Set Designs & Painted Canvas Backdrops

Simple backdrops can be boring sometimes. To bring some interesting textures and backgrounds to your photos you can either rent painted canvases or even paint your own, use different walls, or just find things that have an interesting texture or color. I was fortunate to use some of my friends’ canvases, and if you’re ever in the Los Angeles area, you can rent from Schmidli Backdrops. They have amazing backdrops that I’ve used for campaigns. I’ve also used wood panels as backdrops and other random things. So always keep an eye out for unique items that can be your backdrop.

3. Props 

At times, I like to bring in props to keep things realistic or interesting. Props are the cherry on top to my shoots. I feel like sometimes without props you can’t really tell a good story. So any time that I can fit a prop into my story I definitely try, especially on location shoots. It really depends on my story! You must know to balance things out though as not all props are good props, but having back up options are always good! I’ve gotten carried away with props before and it has made shoots look tacky and you don’t want to do that! 

4. Lighting

Something to always keep you on your toes is playing with lighting! Lighting can be difficult to fully master. I’m still in the learning process with lighting but I try to do things different all the time! My favorite thing to do is to recreate sunlight as much as I can.  I do love when I get to use a hot light, it’s one of my favorite lighting because it reminds of a harsh sunlight!  I really love shooting in harsh light because of it’s intensity, and the cool texture it gives to the skin. Just keep playing with lighting and you’ll find some of your favorites!

These are just the few things that I bring and do on my shoots, I’m not saying they’re necessary, but just a few things that I keep my work fresh and to stay on concept. I love the feel that each component brings to my stories.

Just leave a comment below if you have any questions! I’ll do my best to answer! And if not leave what you want to hear me talk about!


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